hypervolt faqs

is there mercury in hypervolt batteries?

no. all current and future versions of hypervolt batteries are mercury free in line with “the mercury-containing and rechargeable battery act.

are hypervolt batteries affected by temperature

yes however, we recommend storing batteries at room temperature in a dry environment.

though lithium-ion batteries work very well in cold temperatures, refrigeration is not necessary or recommended.

is it normal that hypervolt batteries get warm during charging?

yes. it is normal that batteries get warm during recharging.

hypervolt batteries should not be warm when they are not in use.

can i recharge hypervolt batteries with a wall charger?

yes, as long as you use a lithium-ion compatible charger.

of course, hypervolt cannot guarantee the quality, safety, or performance of non-hypervolt wall chargers.

can i recharge hypervolt batteries with any micro usb cable?

yes, you can use any micro usb cable to charge your hypervolt batteries.

hypervolt batteries have built-in protection.

can i mix new hypervolt batteries with old batteries?

it is not recommended. doing so will reduce overall performance and may cause battery leakage or rupture.

can i take the hypervolt battery apart?

no. do no take apart any battery. contact with components can be harmful and may cause personal injury or fire.

how should i dispose of hypervolt batteries?

hypervolt and all other batteries should always be recycled.

as part of our commitment to the preservation of the environment, support the nonprofit Call2Recycle®.

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