our story

from day one, we decided to launch the hypervolt, the goal has been unwavering:

we must design and build the highest quality battery providing true value to our end users and make a real contribution to society. for our first hypervolt battery, we spent month after month researching the rechargeable dry cell battery market.

we acutely studied thousands of product reviews, comments and battery test data from real users about what they like and what they don’t like about the current batteries in the market.

we disected thousands of product reviews and comments from real users about what they like and what they don’t like regarding current safes in the market.

we tested more than 20 designs before we settled on the best battery version that accommodated the performance that best represented our mission. 

we spent ten months building and testing prototypes before production.

we spent three months with our manufacturing partner to carefully train workers, build quality control milestones and implement a production line that yields the highest quality output.  

as a result, we have a high performing usb rechargeable battery: hypervolt.

hypervolt will extend your time with the devices you enjoy as well create a frictionless recharging experience by using the most universally common cable and connector type in the world: usb.

hypervolt aa batteries are recharged using a micro usb cable that plugs into any usb compatible device.  our batteries can still be charged in traditional wall caddies.

hypervolt was proudly designed and invented by dimitri seneca snowden.