hypervolt 2 pack

hypervolt 2 pack


charge smarter with the hypervolt aa lithium-ion usb rechargeable battery.

hypervolt lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are designed to perform in extreme temperatures (-40ºf to 140ºf or -40ºf to 60ºf) to ensure the devices you depend on continue to work.

hypervolt lithium-ion rechargeable aa batteries come pre-charged and ready to go!

enjoy hypervolt reusable power for the devices you love.


charge cycles

1000 charge cycles*

the hypervolt aa rechargeable battery can be discharged and recharged up to 1000 times.

long lastting

8 hours*

the hypervolt aa rechargeable battery can last up to 60 hours on a single charge.

quick charge

3 hours*

the hypervolt aa rechargeable battery can be recharged in 3 hours.


over charge protection
over discharge protection
over current protection
shortcut protection

what is included

2 hypervolt aa usb rechargeable batteries.

micro usb cable is not included but is available for purchase.

* results may vary based on device the battery is used, frequency of use and ambient device temperature.


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