hypervolt micro usb cable

hypervolt micro usb cable


hypervolt 3ft mini usb 2.0 cable connects your hypervolt aa battery to any computer or usb port or usb hub for charging. hypervolt mini usb 2.0 cable is backwards compatible with 1.0 devices.


hypervolt mini usb 2.0 type-a male to mini 5-pin cable features a standard type-a usb connector on one end and a mini type-b connector on the other.

plug the type-a connector into a computer, usb wall port or usb hub, then plug the mini type-b connector into your hypervolt aa battery.

  1. connector 1: usb 2.0 type b male; connector 2: usb 2.0 mini 5-pin male
  2. usb 2.0 standard high speed rate up to 480 Mb/s.
  3. fully compatible with pc and mac
  4. supports plug and play
  5. corrosion-resistant conductors, plated connector and foil & braid shielding provide maximum conductivity and minimize data loss


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